Thursday, May 14, 2009

What If Christians Ran Hollywood

As aforementioned, this Sunday I will be part of a comedy show parodying a church service. The show will be modeled on the format of a service, with sketches and videos added in.

We have our dress rehearsal tomorrow night – so the jitters have begun.

I am involved as part of the writing team, but also as a performer. I will be leading the responsive reading – but don’t want to give away more than that.

The Well Intentioned Singers will be regaling us with hymns whose tunes went on to became famous TV theme songs.

(Imagine to the tune of The Facts of Life:

“You take the wafer, you take the wine
You take them both and then you’re fine
The bread of life! The bread of life!”

And that one didn’t make the cut!)

We will also have a prayer time gone horribly awry; a children’s sermon the way children’s sermons should be done; and we will answer the age old question “What if Christians ran Hollywood” by dropping in on an alternate universe studio session, to see what cuts we would make in THE DARK KNIGHT to make the movie even better!

I guess it is appropriate to ask for pray for us. Although given our topic, your prayers might be focused in a way other than what I’m thinking…

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Janet said...

We so want to be there, but have a prior commitment. Is it going to be videoed? I hope, I hope?