Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Understanding Music

Sometimes we need a little help understanding lyrics.

Louie, Louie.

That Luftballoons song.

And this Joe Cocker tune from Woodstock.

Thankfully, that last one now has a translation. With visual assistance.

I can honestly say, now that I know what was being said, I understand it less.

Thanks, Scott, for the find.

Just my thoughts,



Janet said...

Love it.

I showed it to Cory, whose response was "That was kind of random... How much drugs were they doing then, anyway?"

I don't know that there's a good answer to that question.

RC said...

or how about "Walk Like an Egyptian" i needed to see the lyrics for that to understand everything being said.

Good find!

Robert J Lee said...

WE were so convinced as kids that Louie Louie had dirty lyrics that we crowded around the record player listening over and over to the scratchy 45. We delighted in it's sexual vulgarness and hid the treasured vinyl gold in the bottom of the closet where my mom wouldn't find it. It wsa heartbreaking, years later to read the lyrics as written by Richard Berry.