Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Children of Time

I finally was able to watch the season finale of Doctor Who – the fourth series.

Instead of a standard review or recap, I will instead give quotes from my wife as she watched it with me. (Paraphrased to the best of my ability.)

“You better kiss her, you dummy.” (Actually said about the penultimate episode)

“No way – he’s crazy!”

“Did they just kill Jack?”


“It’s the Incarnation! It’s the Incarnation!”

“Remember, the nurse lady with The Face of Bo called her that!”


(More tears.)

“I don’t think I realized this before. G-d is lonely. G-d is very, very lonely.”

Yeah, it’s a great series.

Just my thoughts,



gilliebean said...

That was entertaining. That was very very entertaining.

Linds said...

We finally watched this today (hooray for summer vacation! Series 4 in two days or less!). My goodness! What a series! Tell Cath I love her comments, especially the Incarnation one. :)