Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sensational Sight

Here’s an interesting interview with my friend Buzz McLaughlin.

Y’all may have heard about Buzz through me either regarding his plays, or his book on playrwriting, THE PLAYWRIGHT’S PROCESS, which is where I steal much of my writing lectures.

(To ease my guilt for stealing, I make all my writing students buy the book.)

This article is in regards to a film he produced, THE SENSATION OF SIGHT, which is now out on dvd. (The movie stars one of my favorite performers – David Strathairn.)

I’ve blogged briefly about the film before – it is a beautiful, haunting, wonderful movie. Hard kind of movie to describe in a logline – but in a good way (not the messy, “gee, I’m not sure how describe this mess” way).

It is a movie of subtext and relationships and… Well, I’m starting to make it sound high-falutin’.
And that’s the problem with explaining this movie – it isn’t nearly as highbrow as it sounds; it just works the way that the folks that make highbrow movies wish their movies worked.

As Buzz says in the interview:

“We're trying to reach an audience that is willing to ponder difficult questions, but doesn't want to be led by the hand—an audience that will, if we're successful, accept the invitation and begin the search themselves.”

And does so without being high falutin’.

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