Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Big Screen Clear

Over at Christianity Today, Jeffrey Overstreet makes reference to a slough of Christmas movies in his article, “It Came Upon a Big Screen Clear.”

Take a look-see, but pay special attention to the last section “Not Just Another Fairy Tale,” his take on the Nativity and Atheism displays at the Washington State Capitol.

Beauty vs. Rhetoric – it’s nice every once and a while to see Christians argue with beauty.

The article in general got me to thinking about my favorite Christmas shows.

Joyeux Noel is worth the visit. A Christmas Story makes me nostalgic for a time I never lived in. It’s A Wonderful Life simply for the reminder of the pain we go through for the joy we can live.

You can revisit last year’s blog to learn of my all-time favorite Christmas media event, and why. Part One. Part Two. Part Three. Part Four. Part Five. Part Six.

What Christmas/Holiday movies hold up for you?

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Linds said...

Nate wants me to say Die Hard. :)

But for me, it's always White Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas (Linus drops his blanket!!!), We're No Angels (the Bogart version), and although it's not a Christmas movie, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

David Goulet said...

Joyeux Noel may be one of the most poignant Christmas films ever. The Alistair Sim version of A Christmas Carol is also fav. Boris Karloff's Grinch still chokes me up.

And as a kid I'd always look forward to The Christmas Messenger which had an angelic Richard Chamberlain introducing animated carol stories. Sadly I haven't seen that one in a long time.

Perhaps one day my own Christmas Creep tale will be a seasonal classic. Just need Dreamworks to make it.:)

Gaffney said...

Die Hard -- of course, how could I leave it out! I see the movie as a wish fulfillment response, substituing Alan Rickman for Herod. Hmmm, maybe not peace on earth...

Janet said...

White Christmas. (Which I've never experienced one of, but whatever.) I start to cry every time.
A Charlie Brown Christmas (with mandatory dancing).
George C. Scott's "A Christmas Carol." (Although *the* best "Christmas Carol" I ever saw was Patrick Stewart's one-man-show on stage.)
And my husband is crazy about Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol, though I'm not sure I see why. (Maybe I can get him to switch to Die Hard.)

Gaffney said...

I list Patrick Stewart's one man show as in the top three of things I saw on Broadway -- and I got to see a lot while I worked there! As to Mr. Magoo's - now you've made me want to see Mr. Magoo's Die Hard. Magoo as Mclane -- now that's Christmas!

Sarah said...

Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol! Oh, gosh! I haven't seen that in ages, and I love it too.

More "classically", I like the George C. Scott A Christmas Carol.

The early version(s) of Amahl and the Night Visitors (I have a copy of the original sound recording -- the very best version). Menotti made a later, more "filmatic" one that was very claustrophobic - he thought shooting it in a more "realistic" setting would improve it. It didn't.

But for what Christmas is about -- It's a Wonderful Life wins.

LadyBee said...

"The Muppet Christmas Carol" is one we watch every year. It's funny (well, it's the Muppets, afterall) but quite touching too.

"Bless us all, that as we live
We always comfort and forgive
We have so much that we can share

With those in need we see around us everywhere
Let us always love each other
Lead us toward the light
Let us hear the voice of reason
Singing in the night

Let us run from anger
And catch when we fall
Teach us in our dreams and please, yes, please
Bless us one and all."

Anonymous said...

I used to hate A Christmas Carol (been there, done that) and then I saw George C. Scott. I'll drop whatever I'm doing and watch it again...and again. Although, it is Marley who gives me goosebumps:

"Mankind was, my, business!!"