Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Bit Player, A Robot and a Princess Walk Into a Bar...

Two STAR WARS adjacent things for today:

First off, over at Jeffrey's blog, he's all excited by a book cover. Now I'm not one to go all tweener-watching-Twilight over a book cover. But I went & looked anyway, and have to tell ya-

Jeff's right.

Book. Cover. Of. The. Year.

Second off:

As I surf blogs and articles on the net, I skim and pass on most, am intrigued by many, and get up enough excitement by some to want to participate.

And every now and then, I find a post that, dad-gum-it, I wish I wrote.

Mark Shea has gone and written such an article.

Nicely done, Mr. Shea.

Just my thoughts,


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David Goulet said...

I must concur, on both the cover and the article. Thanks for getting them on my radar.

Makes me want to create a Christmas Nativity scene using Star Wars figures. But who exactly gets to play who? Is Chewbacca a shepherd, Magi or one of the animals in the stable?