Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Off Limits? But It's Dirty Campaign Season!

So I was just sittin’ there when I heard the one about the governor’s daughter, and naturally I joined in the dishing.

What's its meaning for the campaign? How does it color the notion of family values? What does the governor’s way of dealing say about her headship?

And more vital to my television viewing concern, how many weeks are we gonna make this story last?

But as I’m dishing, this dude goes by, and he’s all like, “Shut up, fool. That’s unseemly and you know it. Talk about something real, or stop jawing.

“You should be ashamed of yourself.”

And then he’s off, muttering something akin to “to think you kiss your mother with that mouth.”

And I’m left thinking, "there's a politician who plans stay above the belt? That's new."

Maybe this election year has a sliver of a silver linin’ after all.

Just my thoughts,



David Goulet said...

That's what I love about America. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion -- or else!

Gaffney said...

Apparently I'm not as good at this writing thing as I need to be, since I meant to imply that I agreed with the guy. He didn't tell us that we couldn't have our opinion, he just said that hitting a family in crisis just to garner a few poll points is low.

Oddly enough, the party that has the "scandal" has been the ones pushing the story in every news venue -- all on the angle of how abused they are with the press talking about such personal matters. Interesting.


David Goulet said...

you might enjoy this take on the topic:

He's a TV commentator.