Monday, September 08, 2008

Fast Rope

Just saw some video of my baby brother jumping out of the back of a helicopter.

He's coming to visit soon. I already have some equally extreme activities planned.

Like surfing (channel).

High stakes sports (poker).

And Target practice (not practice really; we'll probably buy stuff. There's a Pizza Hut Express near the registers.)

I may need him to use those fast rope skills to rappel off the couch and get some Doritos during commercials. I'd do it myself, but I don't want to show off.

Just my thoughts,



Ben said...
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Gaffney said...

I'll be sure to pack an extra pair of gloves for you. Dorito cheese has been known to hinder the technique a bit. More jumping tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

Seriously cool! Skills every Doritos-eater should know.


Breadwig said...

I wish I could buy an entire bag of just Dorito dust. I'd just fill my cheeks and let it sit there all day. Mmmm... magic Dorito dust.