Monday, May 05, 2008

More Than a Fool's Day

Well, I survived April.

Still not making my 10,000 steps a day quota. Last week I went to Catalina, and spent a day hiking and in general was more active than ever. Averaged 9,000 steps.

Can’t imagine doing better than climbing the Hermit Gulch Trail in my desk-bound existence.

Maybe they mean 10,000 metric steps. Gotta get me a converter.

Also fell short with script Frenzy. The slogan is: 100 pages in 30 days. I’m blaming my number dyslexia for my 30 pages in 100 days.

Don’t make fun of my number dyslexia, it’s not pc!

Did manage to finish planning for Cath’s birthday party.

Of course the planning consisted of calling a local arcade and ordering the kid’s birthday special.

Miniature golf and ten tokens for arcade games – have to say it was a blast. Plus we each got a slice of pizza (or a slice of the cardboard container that houses pizza, hard to say from the taste) and a cup of ice cream.

And our guests all willingly became five (or four, for some of them) again for one night of outrageous fun.

Still behind on Lost (just started the Michael episode – are they going to succeed in making me forgive him?) and Battlestar (just finished the ep where the wife finds out, and the confrontation in the launch tube. And may I say – wowza! Cold, cold, cold.)

Now on to May – the month of catching up! (Okay, maybe not this year…)

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