Monday, April 21, 2008

April Showers

Behind in some of my quests for the month of April. Here's a mid-month report card:

Posting mid-month report card: six days late.

Stepping Out - Work sponsored event to get us desk jockeys walking a healthy average of 10,000 steps a day. Current average: 6,300. That's fewer steps then when I started...

Script Frenzy - Nonprofit writer support, attempting to get writers to complete 100 pages of script in a month. My current count: 30 pages.

James Joyces' ULYSSES - Book club finished it in February; I started in November. Two chapters left to go -- out of 18 chapters total.

A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich -- this month's book club book. Finished it.

The Tummy Thing -- attempting to lose a bit of the spare tire before taking Cath to Catalina at the end of the month. So far: gained weight.

Cath's birthday -- hoping to get plans for the celebration done before the actual date. Doing well here -- figured out the party and the present. Of course, Cath had to plan both of those... but I helped!

BADD -- was assigned two sketches that fell due in April. Wrote two, just not the two assigned. Only half way there.

Act One applications -- read all application material before deadline. Got it done with hours to spare.

Act One Saturdays -- keep ahead of small group reading material. So far, so good. Of course, we are in the one page synopsis phase. But I'll take it...

Reading -- finish book of essays borrowed from neighbor; one essay to go. Finish reading Ulysses companion book borrowed from friend; see above. Start reading book on church philosophy borrowed from friend -- hah! Haven't started, so there.

Blog -- keep posting at least every weekday. Oops.

Twitter -- figure out how to use that web feature. Can't remember how to log in.

Drac project -- finish writing first twenty eps of an online series; finish post-production on prequel short film. Uh, no and not yet.

Lost and Such -- stay up on viewing my stories -- especially those that friends talk about around me. 3 episodes behind on Lost; 2 episodes behind on John Adams; finally caught up with Battlestar, unless -- oh fiddlesticks (I'm too old fashioned to say "frak"). Was there a new episode on Friday? Don't tell me what happens!

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Omar Poppenlander said...

All I'll say is that the new episode has something to do with Callie and her Cylon husband . . .