Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Show and Tell

I am attending a short artistic retreat this weekend, where we will explore such questions as:

"What Do You Want to Create?"

"What Do You Want to Say?"

and "Who Do You Want to Be?"

I have been asked to contribute, in the words of my requester:

“I was hoping you might share a scene from one of your favorite films -- something that inspires you, that gets your juices flowing, that stimulates you to keep creating in this crazy town.”

It need not be from a film.

Some of you know me better than I know me.

What would you suggest I show?

What would you show?

Just my thoughts,



Nathan said...

Sean - as you've posted my post to you without my permission, I'm going to have to ask for 10% of whatever royalties you're receiving from this site, preferably in denominations of twenties, fifties, and hundreds. My attorneys will be in touch with your agent. Or vice-versa.

What about the clip from CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS?

Anonymous said...

In "Field of Dreams" when James Earl Jones and Kevin Costner are leaving the baseball game and it looks like Costner's quest has failed, there is a point when JEJ's character admits he heard something. Costner says, "You heard it too!" And now there are two people on the quest instead of one.


Linds said...

There are so many, but the one that stands out, that I always have to stop and watch with rapt attention and it sends me straight to my laptop, is the scene in Casablanca when Lazlow leads the Marseillaise in Rick's. It reminds me of the power of cinema and makes me want to try and write something that good.

I guess I'd rather show a scene from Andrei Rublev, but all the scenes I can think of really require the preceding three hours of the film. :)