Sunday, September 30, 2007

Moonlight and Love Songs, Never Out of Date

MOONLIGHT: Television Review:
I happen to be a fan of the vampire genre (I am working on a Drac adaptation, afterall), and vampires with a twist appeal to me. So a good-guy vampire detective? I’m there!

The MOONLIGHT pilot, however, wasn’t all that impressive. It was an okay ride, nothing too special, and didn’t bring a whole lot new to the table.

But where it really missed the boat was in trying too hard – it has a built in emotional hook (meant to be a surprise twist) that could be seen from a mile off.

Worse – the cloying music at the end when the “surprise” is revealed; an attempt to make the audience feel and emotion that is so blatant, it is a sign that the makers of the show were aware that the prior 40+ minutes of action did not earn the emotion on its own.

I will probably give it another chance, but this isn’t appointment tv.

On a scale from the Buffy Movie to the Buffy Television Series, this vampire tale, alas, rates a Buffy Movie.

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Anonymous said...

did you see the second episode of Moonlight? i thought it was a bit better than the pilot, but still don't know if i'm going to keep watching it. i mean, i feel like i SHOULD like it (seeing as i work on the lot, have been all over their sets, and it's produced by joel silver), but i dunno... my jury's still out. what do you think?

Tameka said...

I actually find this show incredibly enjoyable! I'm a fan of te vampire genre and this seems to fulfill my Friday night boob tube needs. I love the forbidden romance between Mick and Beth and absolutely LOVE the fact that the teenage drama of Buffy and Angel are nowhere to be found. I will continue to tune in along with many of my friends.