Friday, September 07, 2007

Ta-ta Ti Ti Ta

I want to take a slight break before part two of my “spirit” discourse to talk about ta-tas.

Okay, get your mind out of the gutter, I’m not talking about that kind of… oh, wait. I am talking about that kind of ta-tas.

Acquaintance Julia Fikse got a shout out from Newsweek for her t-shirt business: save the ta-tas. The biz sells clothing with phrases like, “I Love My Ta-Tas,” “Super Ta-tas” and “Saving Lives Two Ta-tas At a Time.”

A portion of every sale is donated to breast cancer research.

I like the biz not only for the cause, but for the way it approaches the whole topic of cancer with humor.

(This is a good time to remind you of friend Laura Jensen Walker, who turned her sense of humor loose in books like RECONSTRUCTING NATALIE.)

Julia’s t’s make me smile, coming in as the second funniest gazumba-related shirts in my mind.

(Spot #1 goes to the woman at the ComicCon, who corrected the eye-line of many a nerd with a shirt disclaiming “These are not the droids you are looking for” across the chest. The shirt made Catherine stop in the middle of a crosswalk to laugh. And she didn’t even know that was a quote from STAR WARS.)

So if you know someone dealing with breast cancer (and you do), support the cause.

And save some lives, two ta-tas at a time.

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