Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Writers With In

Highlights thus far of working with these writers at the Art Within retreat:

-Watching Stranger than Fiction, a pic perfect to watch with writers.

-Watching the porch furniture fly over the railing, while wondering if the tornado warning would elevate enough to transport us to Oz (the technicolor version, not the prison version).

-Crowding the men's room at the Golden Corral, as we took turns laughing at the super-powered hand dryer causing ripples in each other's arm fat.

-Figuring out how to hook up downloaded Heroes episodes to the big tv, because some things aren't worth sacrificing.

-Watching the South Park kids create a Christian rock band with a room full of people that truly get how funny that really is.

-Blocking the windows with post its of faith representations in movies that include titles such as diverse as Dusk Til Dawn, Star Trek V, X-Men II, Haunted Mansion and Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

Oh, and I think some screenwriting has been going on as well. Not sure though, as I've been distracted by the combination Scrabble/Poker games.

Just my thoughts,


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