Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Getting Involved

So Heather kind of made me read this book.

We were talking about books that we love, pushing our favorites on each other, tsking in disbelief over the ones that the other hasn’t read, despite calling themselves intelligent and wise.

And we finished the conversation with, “I should lend this book to you,” and “Of course, I’d love to read it.”

Heather is still young, and naively handed me the book that I said, “Of course” to, not getting that insincerity is a hallmark of any good, casual “how-are-things-going, fine-and-you?” relationship. Problem is, Heather is an actual friend and treats me as such.

So I’m reading this book. And it’s turning out to be good, dag-nab it.

Getting Involved With God: Rediscovering the Old Testament by Ellen F. Davis isn’t all that deep, which is a good thing; and it is practical, which is another good thing. Her approach isn’t based off scholastic mining or obtuse interpretations. She’s more of a, “Gee, this is what it says, so let’s treat it that way” kind of gal.

Now, I’m only up to the section on the Psalms, and it may turn to mud when she gets on to Moses, but let me share a thought from the book while I’m still a fan.

In the first chapter on the Psalms, she points out that the church tends to gloss over these poems in part because they go against our man-made beliefs on what a conversation with G-d should be. She points out some false ideas that hinder modern prayer, such as (and remember, these are false ideas):

-“G-d does not have any use for our anger.”

-“There is no place for fear or despair in the Christian life.”

-“You must never, ever be mad at G-d.”

Here’s a follow up that hit me hard:

“The problem with all these notions of prayer is that we cannot have an intimate relationship with someone to whom we cannot speak honestly – that is, someone to whom we cannot show our ugly side, or those large clay feet of ours.”

Amen, sister. Amen.

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Linds said...

Dang it, now I have to get a copy. She's been recommending it to me since this summer. :)

Sarah said...

Double dang. I thought I was done with my Amazon purchases for the month! Now.....

Thanks Sean, and how are you too?