Saturday, October 21, 2006

It was risky; last season's ender was one of those, “this changes everything” stunners – but when a show is great, is changing everything a worthy risk?

In this case, yes.

Battlestar Galactica remains one of my favorite shows on television, representing the best of what sci-fi can do. Deep, socially relevant, intensely challenging – all wrapped up in a compelling story with driving action. What’s not to love?

This show is still the most significant study on the post-911 world that I have encountered to date – in fiction or non-fiction. The story gives complex viewpoints on all sides of right to life, suicide bombings, just war, the nature of love, politics, nationalism, religion, loyalty and on and on. No easy answers, no obvious choices, just thought provoking intensity.

Even without the brain, the brawn of the series would keep me tuning in.

The second episode of the season ended with a scene straight out of The Great Escape (no accusation here, I believe it was homage not theft). Key members of the resistance being trucked to a destination unknown, let out of the vehicles for a leg stretch as their captors line up with the machine guns… Edge of the seat action.

Or the echoes of issues from the Jewish ghettoes of Poland: the population under occupation being asked to police itself – does that make the police traitors, or supporters of their people? Compelling drama.

Yeah, I’m sticking around for more.

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Cory Edwards said...

I finally caught up and watched the second part of the "Exodus" episode. One of my all-time favorites. Wow, when Galactica pulls that maneuver where they drop through the you-know what and then jump out again... nice!

Now if Lee can stop being fat... come on, Lee!

Sarah said...

I admit, I have not been watching the series. I watched the mini series launch and was impressed. But I didn't plug in when the series began.

But on all sides, I have friends raving about episodes, so I guess I'm going to have to get off my tush and get caught up.

Comments from friends like you... yeah, hard to ignore.


(Like I don't like an excuse to lounge watching my TV. ;) )