Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cud Stuff

A few rather diverse things in Entertainment Weekly (October 27 issue) struck me as worth ruminating on.

Maybe you will ruminate some as well.

Apropos to my entry into the world of sit-coms, Dalton Ross says this in a review of The Addams Family television series:

“It doesn’t sound like a big thing, but therein lay the key to the 1960’s sitcom: Sure, it was irreverent and off-the-wall, but unlike pretty much all the comedies on the air today, these characters genuinely loved and cared for one another.”

From a guy who has run for office, I found this tidbit from Clint Eastwood on the current political climate interesting:

“We’re living in a kindergarten. It should be on issues, and that’s the thing that makes you sick about the political scheme of things right now, regardless of which side.”

And another actor who is clearly a smart cookie, Masi Oka says this about his character in Heroes, Hiro:

“I play him like a big kid, inspired by Tom Hanks in Big.”

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