Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Sean!

My favorite guy...

(Snorkeling off Maui in August. Way too much fun!)


Jennifer said...

Urghh! I actually had a present sitting on my desk to give to you before you left and I didn't even notice it again until I read this. (Okay no comments about my desk.)

Guess you'll just have to check your mailbox next week. Sorry.

Happy Birthday! (And great picture by the way)


Anonymous said...

Birthday greetings to you! Glad you had such a great vacation this summer.

Sarah and Elena

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!
(Although I stand by my thought that your birthday is really tomorrow and you're just looking for some extra attention.)
Never-the-less... Happy Birthday!!!

mgaff said...

Happy Birthday!!

Gaffney said...

Thanks, all! I had some fun on my birthday, partying with WB pals, watching a movie where things blow up, and having dessert at the Cheesecake Factory. (Who knew they had desserts?)