Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Forget Spinach - The Other Veggie Controversy

As you know from my earlier post, VeggieTales has made it to NBC -- but with some controversial editing.

VeggieTales' response, in part:

"When we were presented with the opportunity to reach a mass television audience, we knew that certain religious references would not be allowed on a children's block under current TV network guidelines. And we recognized that we were not going to change the rules of network television overnight.

"In light of this, "Can Big Idea continue to fulfill its mission of enhancing the spiritual and moral fabric of society through creative media?" became the question we had to answer. Can VeggieTales make a difference on Saturday morning? We think so.

"Recognizing that we are making a difference to Saturday morning TV by bringing programming that is "absent of bad and has a presence of good" to homes across America, would we still prefer to air the un-edited versions of VeggieTales on TV? Absolutely! It's there where we're able to share a Bible verse and encourage kids by telling them God made them special and He loves them very much. For now, we're hoping a new cross section of kids will fall in love with Bob & Larry, go deeper into VeggieTales and eventually fall in love with the God who made them. It's the same "big idea" we've worked on for over 13 years."

Fan responses to the issue can be seen at:

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Anonymous said...

You have to keep in mind as well that the DVD/ VHS will still be unedited. I think that'll be the great part. Grab people with the interesting stories and then when they buy the DVDs they get EXTRA content that wasn't seen on TV! Life saving content no less!


Anonymous said...

Because NBC made the changes, I think more adults will hear about VeggieTales. Front page of The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY Paper) in Huge letters "GOD ON TV" in smaller print "Did NBC ruin 'VeggieTales' by removing religious references. Then it directed you to section e for the rest of the story. Mark