Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Been busy of late, and haven't posted as much as I should.

My days for the next two weeks are spent at Warner Bros. I work there with the responsibility of making sure that their movie scripts are real good.

Oh, wait, missing word: making sure that their movie scripts are copied real good. I hang out in the story department on occassion, subbing for vacationers -- delivering scripts, copying scripts, logging in scripts.

I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement this week. I think they are afraid I might accidently give out trade secrets.

Like mention that in Ocean's Thirteen, both George and Brad XXXXX a lot. Or in the Batman sequel, Bruce XXXXXXXs the Joker with a XXXXX, but it's really XXXXXX.

I should mention that part of the agreement allows WB legal to access all my mail, phone calls and blogs to censor them as they wish. But they would never do that. Unless I XXXXXXX.

Like that's going to happen.

Just my thoughts,


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