Thursday, July 20, 2006

Just My Thoughts

From the comments:

Hey Sean,I've been a fan of your work since seeing Moreau at Taproot more than a couple years back, and now I work for Taproot as their IT guy. (I was helping Karen with an email and saw you had a blog) Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog thus far (keep seeing movies!!), but I had a comment about the end-tag you usually put on your blog entries:First off if this is your blog isn't all that is written here (unless otherwise quoted) "Just your thoughts"? Also I am of the personal opinion that when you put that little statement at the end of an entry it weakens some of the strong things you've said up above. EX: this is why pirates wasn't the best movie of the summer! (And we all can agree with you) And we're like "Yeah Sean! Tell it like it is!" and then you're like, "But that's just me." And then we're all like, but no! You're not alone! We agree, we agree!I think that since this is your blog we already know that what we are seeing is your 2 cents. But maybe that's just my thoughts on the matter. =)~Ben Morrell


Welcome! Any fan of Moreau is a fan of mine… uh, wait, that didn’t sound right.

And welcome to the Root, one of my favorite places on earth. I hope you’re an “it” with them! (Sorry, just a little cockney humor.)

As to my call sign, you bring up some very good points. Overall, it seems to be working for me, for several reasons. Here are two of them:

1) Despite the fact that she doesn’t post often, this blog is also my wife’s. The old, “just my thoughts,” says in part, “the opinions expressed in these commentaries do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the management.”

2) I am trying to encourage conversation. Now, my opinions are among the best that money can buy (and I should know, as I buy them at an exclusive boutique down on Rodeo), but that doesn’t mean that other opinions aren’t also valid. They may be wrong, but they are valid.

And, despite what cable news and the Republicans and Democrats tell you, differing opinions and dialogue are actually good things. Despite my sound and fury, I rarely mean to be the definitive answer on an issue. I’ve even been known to listen to rational argument and –gasp!—change my mind. (I know, I’d make a lousy president.)

So if you ever think what I am saying is right on, leave a note saying so! And if you mistakenly think my opinion is out in left field, jump on in!

Of course, all of this is just my opinion, so feel free to comment.


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Anonymous said...

Wow! Possibly a first for me, a comment moved to the front page. I appreciate your taking the time to address my questions, and I appreciate the fact that you pass on the free thoughts even though you pay so much for them. (I get mine handmade at a little villa a couple miles north of Leavenworth)

I look forward to future posts and just your thoughts...

~Ben Morrell