Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Aw, Schuchs, It's Better Than Real

I'm supposed to be working right now. (My job is to give dialogue to my two high-school reporters in my new musical. They've been mutely patient, but one doesn't like to keep imaginary teens waiting too long, lest they find their own voices and turn on you.) And because I am supposed to be working right now, I am, of course, finding distractions to working.

One of my distractions is to skim some blogs. I say "skim," because I do not have time to read all of my friends'/acquaintances'/strangers-who-I-likes' blogs. This is why I refuse to start a blog of my own, because I don't have time to keep up with one.

But then again, I'm supposed to be writing most of the time, and constantly in need of work evasion excuses, so I do have a blog, and do read the blogs of others.

All this to say two things: first, welcome to the world of blogging Jennifer! Ms. Schuchmann counts among my favorite things. A child from a family of twelve, we get each other on so many levels. We started out as professional acquaintances, became working partners, and live as friends. She and her husband (David) and family provide my Atlanta hotel needs (Chez Schuchmann is a comfortable bed-and-poptartsforbreakfastifyouwant), and it was David who introduced me to the decadent joys of Argentinean meat restaurants.

Check out her blog.

And second, friend Barbara (hey, I'm in Hollywood, I'm allowed to introduce smart, styling people as friends: name-dropping is a way of life out here) caught my eye/ear with this in her latest blog entry:

"The real is not entertaining to people. If it was, they would sit in their living rooms at night and stare at each other instead of turning on the television. "

Scoot on over to her blog to get a short discourse on why stories are meant to be better than real.

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janet said...

hey, come on, sean, don't you know that procrastination is the official first stage of the writing process?

(sometimes the second stage... the third stage...)