Friday, March 03, 2006

I've Been Upgraded!

Jeff Overstreet, writer of Looking Closer Journal (a blog that I shouldn't have to link to, since it is on all your speed dials, no?), has referenced me before in his blog. But now I have been upgraded to full entry in Looking Closer!

I responded to his blog on being attacked along with other Christians who review films by Ted Baehr of Movie Guide. Jeff took my comment and gave it its own entry.

I feel so validated! Hop on over and take a look see.


1 comment:

Jeffrey Overstreet said...

[head shaking]Ohhhh, brother.[/head shaking]

Man, you've been at Authoritative/Admirable/I-Look-Up-To-This-Guy/Guru status for a long, long time. Whaddaya mean, "upgraded"?!

I mean, I can speak for disgruntled Christian film critics, but you can speak for Bob the Tomato!!