Thursday, March 23, 2006

Craig on Culture and Comedy

Craig Ferguson, host of THE LATE, LATE SHOW was on SUNDAY MORNING SHOOTOUT a few weeks ago; and of course I am only getting around to watching two week old shows now. (I like popular culture to have a cooling off period before immersing myself.)

On the show he made an interesting observation about cultural snobbery.

In this society, when one wants to feel superior while discussing dramas, they talk about what they LIKE in relation to others. "I fully understood that obscure work, and if you were as clever as I, you might have as well."

When one wants to feel superior while discussing comedy, they talk about what they DISLIKE in relation to others. "Well, if you find that sort of movie funny, that shows how low your tastes are."

He brought this up in context of films, and why it seems that dramas outweigh comedies in the Oscar races.

Like I said, interesting.

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