Sunday, May 01, 2011

Zoo Reading

While down under, we went to the zoo.  Cath decided to bring one of her favorite books along.

She was quite engrossed in her book, which was a good thing, as the trip turned out to be rather boring.

Cath didn't see anything of interest on the ferry ride there.

She didn't see any kangaroos that day.

Or any wallabies.

She didn't see any emus.

Nor did she spot any elephants.

No big ol' bears were to be found.

She didn't even see any giraffes.

What a boring zoo! Good thing she had such a good book with her!

Just my thoughts,



Josh Schulz said...

Zoos are boring anyway. Why look at animals when you can read about them! Also, you guys are Hi-Larious (that's Latin for very funny).

Kathy said...

That must be a good book ....

Eve said...

Lol! I was up in the wee hours of the night doing the same.