Thursday, January 20, 2011

Money and Goofy Religion

Money makes people goofy – especially when money butts up against religion.

Which should come as no surprise, as love of the stuff is the root of all kinds of evil.  

I remember listening to a radio interview with a prosperity gospel preacher, as he was making the argument that Jesus was independently wealthy.

After all, the Lord wandered around without a job for three years.  Explain that if the good shepherd wasn't loaded?

You see, in this guy’s world, Jesus would have responsibly invested the gold, frankincense and myrhh that he got for his zeroeth birthday (you agree that Jesus would be responsible, right?). 

And he used that wealth to fund his travels with the disciples (you agree that Jesus wouldn’t want to be a burden, right?). 

The water into wine and the fishes and loaves – not miracles so much as Jesus buying food and drink for friends. He had enough cash to throw down a party for a multitude!
Oh, and the whole perfume on his feet thing – another sign that Jesus wants us to be wealthy.  He was telling Judas to stop bugging him about appreciating those extravagances in life to which Jesus had grown accustomed.  

(Just like the speaker’s car and jewelry – you wouldn’t do a Judas on him about those things, would you?)

Sheesh.  The lengths one goes to in justifying a love for money.

But even the guys that aren’t in love with money get goofy – but I'll get into that next time.

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