Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Always Follow Your Liver - It's Rarely Wrong

Today’s Dove wisdom: 

“Always follow your heart – it’s never wrong.”

Gotta wonder who they were thinking of when they came up with that gem.

Romeo (either the Rosalind chaser or the Juliet chaser)?

Sampson getting a haircut from Delilah, or David scoping out Bathsheba in the tub?

Clyde thinking, “Hey, I know how I can impress that Bonnie girl”?

Cleopatra tossing in with Antony?

Robert Scott adding his friend to the expedition, even though he knew they didn’t calculate for his food? 

Or Napoleon saying, "Screw history and my tactical training, I want me a piece of Moscow!"

Okay, so here’s what I think happened at the ol’ Dove factory. 

Someone came up with this quote, and some other dude said, “Wow, that’s nowhere near accurate,” and the guy who types them up said, “Yeah, but it feels right, and it says right there that I gotta go with what feels right.”

And then it got wrapped around my piece of chocolate.

So, who do you think they were thinking of when they came up with this quote?

Just my thoughts,


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