Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fellowship in Concert

As I've mentioned before, my wife and I do not take a road trip without, at some point, blasting the cast album for "Fellowship! The Musical Parody of the Fellowship of the Ring."

Well, they're back! 

Fellowship! is heading to New York City (where salsa is made) for The New York Musical Theatre Festival. 

And before that, they're are doing a concert in Burbank of the music to raise some traveling money, followed by an improv show with the cast.

This Sunday, September 19th, at the new Flappers Comedy Club.

Tap dancing hobbits.   Elves that run on water (and occasionally trip on fish).  Balrogs with cabaret acts.

You know, just like in the movies.

Hope to see you there.  And if you aren't sure you want to go, I have to ask, "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy not?"

(Come on Sunday, I'll guarantee you'll get that joke!)

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