Friday, February 12, 2010

80's Moments

Tom threw a surprise party for Lauri at a roller rink; the theme was the 80's.

Cath and I were up for the challenge.

Please note:  Catherine had to hunt around to put together a costume.  For Sean?  Cath's simple statement, "Nerd style never changes" and really just taking my calculator with me along with my standard daily wear.

Here are some pics:

Doubt my nerd credentials?  Yes, I know how to say "hello" using a calculator.

Just my thoughts,



gilliebean said...

Aw! Ryan and I came late. You guys must've left early!

Anonymous said...

You guys look awesome! Catherine's "Dynasty" pose gets super extra 80's points.

I should know, I lived it....*shiver*

And yes, Sean, 07734 to you to.


David Goulet said...

There's funny...and then there's this post. Thanks for the hearty laugh.