Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Speakin' at Beacon

I am, once again, speaking at Beacon. This coming Sunday, 12:30ish at Bel Air Pres.

The topic is: “Following G-d’s Dream: How to Find Contentment in Hollywood.”

I’ll be breaking down the Old Testament story of Joseph (you know, of the amazing Technicolor dreamcoat) for clues on how to survive and thrive in Tinseltown.

Kind of talk I need to hear myself repeatedly. I know, hard to believe when I live in a town that is so warm and embracing, and not at all prone to rejection.

So I guess that just shows how insecure I am.

So if you’re free on Sunday afternoon, come hear me be insecure.

Just my thoughts,


ps. Someday, I want to speak on Meditationes Sacrae, where the phrase "knowledge is power" originates. I have no interest in Meditationes; I just want to advertise that I'm "Speakin' at Beacon on Bacon." And if I can convince them to serve breakfast instead of lunch that day...

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David Goulet said...

And if you can quote a bit from the novel Zeitoun (now in development as a flick) you can advertise that your speaking at the Beacon on Bacon and Eggers.