Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's A Little Bit Country, It's A Little Bit of the Force...

I was always a big fan of the Donny & Marie Show.

And I really like Star Wars.

So, according to Hollywood logic, I should love this:

But no, it burns! It burns!

Thanks David, for helping destroy two childhood joys. (And y'all thought the Star Wars Christmas Special had a unique level of horrificitude!)

Just my thoughts,



David Goulet said...

One stickler note: it wasn't a Christmas special but a "Holiday" special. Possibly the only time I've been grateful to see our Lord's name disassociated with the 'season'.

Word is Lucas has tried to have all the original Holiday special tapes destroyed. He may actually have to assassinate the Osmonds on this one. Possibly the entire Mormon church.

File this under 'when a pop culture phenomenon goes very bad'.

Anonymous said...

-a stunned Tam

Mark said...

This makes the Holiday special look like high art.

Cory Edwards said...

This was so bad I was mesmerized. I feel like I just gorged on some awful candy and I have to go throw up now. Throw up glittery laser rainbows!!!