Friday, January 30, 2009

Red Sun Bathroom Light

I was home sick yesterday, so my Thursday thankful is delayed to today.

I am thankful that I have a home to be sick at.

My condo has a few interesting features, but the one I am most struck by: in the bathroom, we have a red lamp that is supposed to generate heat.

It mostly generates red light, but it is kind of retro cool. And if you don’t turn on the regular light, it makes the whole room look weird, all the colors going funky.

Wanna get freaked out? Look at a pepto-bismol bottle under a red light. The label sort of fades out, as the inner glop glows. Freaky.

Sometimes in the comics the villain would shine the light of a red sun onto Superman, thus robbing him of his powers.

I know it works, ‘cuz yesterday I was wearing my Superman t-shirt, and under the light of my red sunlight bathroom heater, the Super insignia turned green.

Which is the color of kryptonite.

Between that and the dayglo of the Pepto, I pretty much lost all of my powers too.

Just my thoughts,



Linds said...

We have a bathroom with a crazy red light too! I am totally trying the pepto bismal trick tonight.

Dakoota said...
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Anonymous said...

when you said you were wearing your superman t-shirt it's all ok
=) we thought at first you were just on a bad acid trip !!!you really need to get out more !!!

bathroom lighting said...
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