Monday, January 26, 2009

Animal Style, Hold the Muppet

Ever been to a restaurant so elite, that the prices aren’t listed on the menu?

Well, I can do you one better. How about a restaurant so elite, that the food isn’t listed on the menu?

Okay, this isn’t exactly that extreme, but we have a hoity-toity little restaurant on the West Coast called “In–n-Out Burgers.

It has a four item food menu: Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Double, and Fries.

That’s it.

At least for the uninformed, non-elitist non-connoisseur.

There is a secret menu, so one in the know can order a 4 x 4.

Or a Flying Dutchman.

Or my favorite: Animal Style (hold the tomato).

The secret menu has been leaked onto the web (including this older story at Badmouth where the special items have been tested – thank you David for the link), so the club may not be so exclusive.

But we all still look down on our noses at you “no price on the menu” wannabees, in full knowledge that you probably can’t get your foie gras as a “protein style.”

Just my thoughts,


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Janet said...

My kids feel very "in the know" every time they order a Neapolitan shake....