Tuesday, August 05, 2008

To Date, Perchance to Dream

Sunday marked twelve years of marriage for Catherine and me. (Yes, thank you, I am a lucky sog.)

In celebration, we spent the day Saturday seeing theatre, starting with HAMLET. A very romantic choice, the story of a guy who publicly berates his girl, kills her father, and drives her to an early grave.

Okay, so Valentine's material this isn't, but still a goodly anniversary present. What better way to make one's marriage look good?

"Hey, honey, remember how I never stabbed your brother with a poisoned sword? That's how much I still love you!"

After Hamlet, we wandered down Hollywood Blvd, heading for the Pantages Theatre in hopes of scoring some cheap seats in the WICKED lottery.

We had time to kill before the lottery, so we ambled, taking time to read names on the stars in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Did you know that the Apollo astronauts have a square dedicated to them? For television, naturally.

After killing time with a chocolate croissant (mine) and a berry smoothie (hers), we joined the lottery line.

Here’s how it works: everyone in line puts their name into a large drum. Then thirteen names are drawn, each name being allowed to buy up to two $25 front row tickets.

Winning the right to buy – sounds like a scam, no? Well, yes and no. The seats at full price are closer to $200 each.

I love my wife, but $400 for two hours of entertainment is a bit on the high side, especially for a couple that considers splurging to mean renting a DVD on a day other than “$1 Wednesday.”

There were about two hundred people in line. I was feeling good about this.

So good in fact, I told Cath to have the money ready for when they chose my name.

How cool would it have been to have our names called right after saying that? We will never know; we weren’t the first called.

Or the second. Or the third.

So how do you spend the rest of your anniversary day out after disappointing your wife by not getting WICKED tickets?

Or the fourth.

Maybe I plop down the $200, let her see it while I wait at the coffee shop next door…

Or fifth.

Okay, I watch Act One, tell her about it, then she watches Act Two…

Or sixth. Or seventh.

Was there anything on TIVO that we haven’t watched yet?

Or eighth.

Peace settles in. After twelve years, I know that our having a good time isn’t dependent on winning a lottery.

We will play the night by ear, and we will have a great time no matter what. Settled.

And then the guy announces…


Next up: I think I will try defying gravity.

Just my thoughts,



Jennifer said...

Not knowing how this ends, I'd say forget the line. Go home and download the show on iTunes for less than the price of the two tickets. Then listen to it in bed in the dark.

If you make it through the CD with your imagination alone, it will be a better show than what you would have paid to see.

And if you don't make it through the whole CD, well, then you can thank me later. :-)

Nathan said...

If you liked HAMLET, I'd really suggest HAMLET 2. It does everything the first HAMLET did, except more awesomer.

Omar Poppenlander said...

Wow, you actually took your wife somewhere on your anniversary? You're making the rest of us look bad.

Beth and I just passed the 17-year mark in our marriage. When we reached the actual day of our anniversary (a Sunday), all the energy we could muster was to spend the day watching TV in our pajamas . . .