Friday, August 29, 2008

Hero Without a Gun

Cath and I stumbled on this incredible documentary (thanks, Shon!): THE CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR.
Desmond Doss is a man of contradictions -- he enlisted in WW II, insisted on serving on the battlefield, yet refused to carry a gun.
He vowed to never take a human life, yet saw more action than most others, being a key player in the harshest battle of the war.

Quite possibly the only soldier in American history who was threatened with a court martial and went on to earn the Medal of Honor.
Certainly the only conscientious objector to ever win that award.
Decorated war hero and pacifist -- a living example of the difficult, seemingly impossible third way of Christ.
My small group watched this documentary, sat stunned for a while over the power of the story, and then started debating.
How could a tale this powerful have gone so long without becoming a major motion picture?
The most logical conclusion we could come to: it is too fantastical to be believed as a work of fiction.
I hope you get a chance to see it. Let me know when you do!
Just my thoughts,


David Goulet said...

Someone should get the movie rights for this...know any budding producers...huh, do ya?

Gaffney said...

Actually, one of my small group members who watched the film with me has done work with a certain fella known for his WW2 movies and mini-series, and is going to present the Doss story to him. Could be exactly the right guy to get this story told right...

David Goulet said...

Good to hear! I'm hoping an Act One alum will be given a shot at the script. It's our milieu.