Thursday, December 14, 2006

Magically Delicious

This Saturday, MAGIC CASTLE AFTER DARK premieres on A&E at 11am.

This show, produced and directed by friend Jude, goes behind the scenes at the famous magic club in L.A.

Catherine and I volunteered to work for Jude at the Magic Castle for a Katrina benefit a bit ago – and the Castle was amazing. I’ve always had a thing for magic, and knowing that there was a club out there for magicians – what could be better?

As a kid, I bought the card tricks and magic sets. Even did a show for a Boy Scout fundraiser. (I created a character of a failed magician – try to make the ball disappear, and the cup vanishes instead. Try to puncture a quarter with a plastic toothpick, but the toothpick passes through the quarter instead. Try to transform a ten dollar bill into a twenty, and getting increasingly smaller denominations the more I try, until it turns into plain paper. That sort of thing. Hey, the shtick worked well for a dorky kid like me.)

Loved any murder mystery with a magician in it. Thought friend Lisa Wong was the coolest person on earth in part because her dad created magic tricks. (Okay, I was an adult then, but the kid in me never magically disappeared, so there.)

And it was always the “trick” part that I liked – not so much the notion of “real” magic. Supernatural superhero Dr. Strange didn’t do anything for me, and Zatanna was kinda irksome. (She spoke all her spells in the comic books by reciting her wants backwards. Nac uoy kniht fo gnihtyna erom gnitatirri ni a cimoc? Ees tahw I neam?)

So check out MAGIC CASTLE AFTER DARK. Which plays in the morning, which technically is way after dark. See, they are tricking you already.

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