Tuesday, April 11, 2006

There's Code In Them Thar Hills

“Just sloppy rumors on the playground. If you’re going to bring up adult topics, do adult research.”

That was an aside by my Pastor, Mark Brewer, this Sunday in reference to the umpteenth rediscovery of the Gospel Acording to Judas. His words aptly describe my feelings on the “research” that created the theory on which Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code is based.

I do have to admit that it was amusing to me to follow the recent trial, as Dan Brown was sued by the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, who claimed Dan stole their nonfiction work in his fictional book. (Mr. Brown won, by the way.) What I found amusing was that the researchers had to argue that their purely historical research could not possibly be copied by another researcher, essentially since they pretty much made it all up. But they had to make that claim without coming right out and saying they made it up. As I said, amusing.

As the book is approaching its launch onto the silver screen, I thought I would share some of my “best” thoughts on the subject:


I’d go secular, preferably with the PBS doc: The Real DaVinci Code, hosted by Tony Robinson (of Black Adder fame). He gives the novel and the theories their fair due; and approaches the topic from a historical and scientific point of view. And has a fun, humorous journey in doing so.


Dan Brown pointing out his work in the church choir as a defense of his faith. His faith isn’t in question – it is his work not his faith that is a bestseller (I don’t presume to know anything about his faith, as I can’t read hearts). And the work is based on the principle that Jesus wasn’t divine and the church is, from beginning to end, a fraud.


Erik Metaxes providing Screwtape’s response to the book on Dick Staub’s blog. Not a recent article, but recently brought to my attention.


The Othercott. As readers of this blog know, I am not a fan of boycotts. However, Janet Batchler is promoting an alternative for those that do not want to encourage Hollywood to make movies that are intentionally offensive to people of faith. When The DaVinci Code opens (the weekend of May 19), do NOT stay away from the cinemas. Go. But don’t go to The Code; instead vote with your dollars by going to another movie (like Over The Hedge).

You see, the studios put great stock in the numbers on opening weekend. If a lot of people go to the Code (and they will), and a lot of people don’t go to the movies, then the Code numbers will look relatively huge. But if a lot of people go to the Code, and a lot more people go to see, say, Over The Hedge, then it will look like people are more interested in movies like The Hedge than in movies like The Code.

If one wants to/plans to see the Code, see it the second or third weekend. Or wait for the video.

I can get behind that idea. Let’s see if it works.

Just my thoughts,


PS This entry is in no way intended to impugn the beliefs or values of Ron Howard or Tom Hanks, or any of the folks involved in the movie. I am a great fan of Mssrs. Howard and Hanks, of their work, their work ethic, and the choices they make; and will continue to support both of them in their artistic endeavors. I’m just not a fan of the content of one particular project. So don’t go accusing me of Hank Hatin’, it just won’t stick.

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Alice Bass said...

Hey SG!
Regardless of the content of DVC, I too was highly amused that the Non-fiction book authors sued someone for using their book as research. Can Encyclopedia Britannica sue me for using their reference materials in my work? Wouldn't it be the point of a non-fiction book to offer information to the public for their use?
I don't get it!
See you at Over the Hedge!