Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Reconstructing Book Reading

I am entering a new world -- the world of novelists.

Of course this isn't completely new, as several Seattle friends write those things that you don't pay admission to see, what are they called... oh, yeah, books. Messrs. Overstreet and Walter were both in process of writing within the mysterious medium when we hung out; and Mr. Berryman already had the sweet Leaving Ruin under his belt.

But they were theatre and film people, folks who understand that words were meant to be spoken for a time, then melt into thin air, and like this insubstantial pageant faded, leave not a rack behind. Such stuff as dreams are made on! (Okay, that's the Bard, not me talking.)

And yet, these novelists and their novels... so permanent and tangible!

Alas, I hung out too long at conferences with the likes of Laura and Cindy and Lynn and John... and now I'm not only writing one of those confounded tomes, I'm reading them -- In advance!

That's right, Laura is sending me her book to read in advance. Me, the guy that can't get around to seeing Lost in the same week it airs. (I am too embarrassed to even own a water cooler!)

Fortunately, the book looks to be a clever and sassy read (not unlike Laura herself). Here's what the publicity department has to say about Reconstructing Natalie:

"A smart, funny, poignant story of Natalie Moore's journey through breast cancer and into a new kind of wholeness. Chick lit author and breast cancer survivor Laura Jensen Walker will inspire and entertain women everywhere with this compelling novel. "

Of course, reading that blurb again makes me wonder if Laura realizes that I am not a woman. Man, I have got to stop cross-dressing at those Christian Writer's conferences!

I'll let you know once I get and read the book.

Just my thoughts,


PS Notice the "Women of Faith" novel of the year sticker on the cover? Congratulations, Laura!


Jeffrey Overstreet said...

Can't wait to read Gaffney fiction!

And by the way, Mr. Walter was very surprised to learn that he's writing a novel! :)

Gaffney said...

I distinctly remember Mr. Walter saying that he was working on (or thinking of working on) a book in the first years of our meeting. (Then again, I also distinctly remember telling my wife that I was going to be out late with the guys, and remember her giving me permission, a memory that didn't work out too well for me.) I know that Mr. Walter has moved on to the finer form of playwriting, so I am at least half right in my memory memorization process...