Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My fancy hotel didn't have the typical teeny bottles of shampoo.

Instead they provided their guests with "Clarifying Hair Cleanser."

Yep, they used the word "clarifying" to obscure their meaning.

Nicely done, irony hotel.

Just my thoughts,



David Goulet said...

My three year old son asked me why they put 'poo' in something that is supposed to make your hair clean.

Perhaps the hotel is on the same wavelength?

Gaffney said...

I hope you explained to your son that it is "sham" poo - it is fake, so not nearly as gross as realpoo.

David Goulet said...

Great point! He's refused to let us use anything on his hair except egg whites and beer. Now maybe we'll be able to get a 'sham'poo bottle near him again.

As always your blog is head and shoulders above the rest!