Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Black Panther

What I’m Watching:

I’ve been using my new Netflix streaming to catch up on things I missed. Like “The Black Panther” – the BET produced series based on one of my favorite Marvel superheroes.

Each episode runs ten minutes – feeling like television quality webisodes. But the perfect bite-size chunks for viewing while grabbing lunch or for a writing break.

What Worked

I really enjoyed this series, it hit the comic book geek in me just right. As I stated above, T’Challa – sorry, Black Panther, as I do not know the king well enough to refer to him by his first name – has been a fav of mine since I first found him successfully breaking into the Avengers mansion many, many years ago.

A king/superhero/warrior, the Panther has always been about integrity of character, of being the right kind of man, leader and hero. His struggles aren’t just about how to whomp the latest villain, although he does that quite well.

And the fact that he can go toe to toe with the Avengers assembled is pretty cool too.

With good action and a storyline that builds in intensity, the series is fun and satisfying.

The show also strikes the right tone for me – serious actions (invasion of a nation, no shortage of death from war) while keeping a light tongue (sibling banter and well placed gags).

What Didn’t Work

The bashing of a previous administration is so heavy handed, it take the viewer out of the story. The US National Security Advisor is named Dondi Reece – yes the topic is handled with that level of subtlety. 

Thankfully not enough time is spent here to sabotage the series.

The Skinny

A very fun, compelling adaptation of a graphic novel series. Well worth the time.

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