Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Call to Live

Catherine and I first ran into Peter at the Butterfly Sanctuary in Kuranda, a rain-forest village near Cairns in Australia. 

We didn’t meet him then, but we were part of the same handful of people following a guide around the butterfly haven.

I felt a strong prompting, telling me I should introduce myself and strike up a conversation.

Being the spiritually in-tune person that I am, I did what I always do when prompted to engage a stranger in conversation: I ignored that prompting.

Which made it all the harder to ignore when we ran into him again seven days later and seventeen hundred miles away. Catherine pointed him out at the gate for our flight home from Sydney.

So this time I did strike up a conversation, and we gelled instantly. We even learned that he was friends with one of my all time favorite story-tellers – Walter Wangerin, Jr.

Peter’s own story is amazing – a long-time caregiver for his wife, who upon her passing decided to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Sounds like a movie, no? It would in fact make for a great screen story.

He has kept a blog chronicling these adventures called The Call to Live.

I bring this up because Catherine and I are the topic of today’s entry.

Worth spending some time thumbing through his archives.

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