Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Games Are Afoot

Tripoly. Miles Bourne. Quelf. Taboo. Phase Ten. Apples to Apples. Ping Pong tournament (Team Motrichell rules!).

Even with a day of the icks, still a great Oregon vacation.

Merry pre-Christmas to me!

Just my thoughts,



babbler said...

I hope the Icks are gone, you should know that mucus and goo are not such a bad thing if you are a mollusk.
Love, Mrs. Slug :)

Mark said...

Has your family tried Quiddler yet? Spent a lot of time playing that game in Mexico with my family last month . . .

Gaffney said...

Have not tried Quiddler. The new game was Quelf -- which is a pretty wacky, non-sequitor of a game. I spent much of it making a "w" on my head and saying "whatever" any time someone addressed me by name. But at least I didn't have to build a fort and hide until my next turn (Katie!).