Thursday, October 15, 2009

Two Goods for One Smile

I am a tad stretched for time these days. I'm in post on two shorts I directed (one for BADD, one a doc for Cloud & Fire), I'm two scripts behind in script consulting, I'm overdue on writing two shorts I've promised people, and my own full-length screenplay rewrites are off -- on two scripts, a comedy and a sci-fi actioner.

What is it about the number two these days?

And I'm behind in my blog posts -- including the essay I intended on how the reaction to the Nobel Peace Prize signals the end of patriotism in America. Alas, it looks like I won't be getting to that for a while. And I really wanted to tell y'all how great I thought "Zombieland" was.

Another two I'm missing.

Add to that the depression over the church book burnings and the reminder of what's wrong with pundit driven news, and I really needed something good to focus on.

Maybe two somethings.

And I got 'em:

The Amazing Race combined with a Potteresque missed-the-train-got-to-get-to-Hogwarts adventure from Janet -- made my day.

And a little bit of art, as artists take their hand at re-imagining movie posters. My favorites: Spiderman and Ratatouille.

Take a load off, read, let a visual wash over you, and smile.

In fact, I recommend trying it twice.

Just my thoughts,



David Goulet said...

Movie poster re-do's: I liked Star Wars ETB and Dawn of the Dead. Cool site.

Mark said...

I liked Janet's story. My only question: Why stop at 527 miles? That's a short day. You can easily get in 700 or 800 miles if you try. Trust me. I know about these things.

Gaffney said...

Maybe her odometer had already turned over...