Friday, February 01, 2008

Fiasco! But In a Good Way...

Today I have a butt load of archiving to do. To help with the tedium of repetition, I am listening to This American Life in the background, an episode on fiascos. (Thank you, Karen and Vicki.)

They just got past talking about a production of PETER PAN gone horribly awry. I am pausing long enough to let y’all in on it, in case you want to simul-join me.

Especially of note is a point made at the end of the PETER PAN story, as Ira wonders if the nature of theater – to transport an audience – isn’t in fact completed better by fiasco than a show that works perfectly.

The guest refuted that notion, pointing out that theatre’s intent isn’t merely to transport, but to elevate.


I have a slew of my own theatrical fiascos which I unfortunately witnessed from the stage. But they certainly did not elevate, so I will save them for a later time.

Gotta go back to the broadcast – they are going to finish the episode with a controversy about one of my favorite NPR shows, Car Talk. Can’t wait to hear what that is about…

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Linds said...

That is one of my all time favorite episodes. I especially liked the observation of the bloodthirsty nature the audience began to adopt. :)