Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Before Fade Out

I just answered some question via e-mail regarding the strike (a college student interview).

Mostly repeated what I've already said here -- how the writer's deserve more money, how neither side is acting like nice children, etc.

Here's a question I haven't answered for y'all, so here goes:

3. What do you feel will be the final outcome of the strike?

Here’s my prediction: Both sides will announce how they totally humiliated the other side and got a deal so sweet that their a. guild members or b. stockholders should lift them on their shoulders and parade them around town as heroes.

Then in three months, it will be back to claiming that our side (whichever side you want, as both will say this) got totally hosed in the deal, and just wait until next time when we really show them!

Just my thoughts,


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janet said...

You sound more cynical and jaded than almost anyone I know. Especially for someone whose job is (as far as I am aware) not on the line.

Virtually every WGA writer I know acknowledges that the ultimate settlement will be one that neither side is fully happy with.

The overwhelming emotion post-strike will be one of relief, not of boastful victory, not of bitterness and revenge. Of course there will be those on the fringes who take things overly personally and work out their own issues. But they will be (as they are now) the minority.

The "we'll show them" attitude you're discussing? When I talk to WGA members on the picket line or visit private WGA bulletin boards, I don't see much of it at all. And on those rare occasions when it does appear, many voices speak up to urge that attitude toward moderation.

So I don't know who you're talking to, but I doubt that it's active WGA members.

Come join the line, hang with some writers, and you may feel a tad less bitter....