Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ultimate Opens

My friend, Cheryl McKay, wrote a movie that is opening this weekend -- THE ULTIMATE GIFT.

The movie stars James Garner and Abigail Breslin (of LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE fame), Brian Dennehy, and a bunch more. It also won the Crystal Heart at The Heartland Film Festival.

I haven't seen it yet, but I know that Cheryl is a wonderful writer. How good of a writer?

THE ULTIMATE GIFT is based on a best selling book. Cheryl was about the fifth writer hired to try and adapt the thing (typcial for Hollywood). Here's a secret for you non-writer types: a good adaptation requires change -- since it is being translated into a media with a completely different set of strengths.

Oh, and a good adaptation has to stay true to the heart of the original.

Cheryl was the first writer to come up with that winning combination -- different, yet true.

So, back to my question -- how good of a writer?

A novelist (Rene Gutteridge) has been hired to write a novelization of the movie. Yeah, Cheryl did her job so well, that there will now be two THE ULTIMATE GIFT novels -- the original, and the one based on Cheryl's work.

You can see the flick this weekend, AND support my favorite writing class: Act One Writing for Hollywood by buying your tickets online.

Go to:
Choose The Ultimate Gift and enter your zip code.
If you find a theater in your area, proceed to GET TICKETS NOW.
It will direct you to Fox Faith’s section of Fandago.
Upon check out, you can enter the Act One code: 500231

To view the trailer - go here.

And enjoy the show.

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aliceb said...

Wasn't Rene Gutteridge a friend of Rachel Hoyer & didn't we publish her in DRM? Or was Rene a friend of yours? Is the world freaky small or what? And doesn't that make you, like the King of all Christian media or something?

Gaffney said...

Not King so much as Kevin Bacon...

aliceb said...

nicely said.